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Portable apparatus EHF and IR therapy with changeble oscillators

The apparatus is recommended for the treatment of patients with low intensity and background resonance radiation (CDF) of electromagnetic waves of extremely high frequency (EHF) and infrared light (IR)

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Описание продукта


“AK TOM” is the portable EHF-IR therapy apparatus with changeable oscillators. The oscillators are connected to the apparatus channels with the help of the flexible cables with sockets.

The apparatus “AK TOM” has 11 modes of operations.

Each mode is designed taking into account effects on specific organs and body systems:

1 – “universal” EHF-mode;

2 - mode of “record” for the subsequent BRR®- influence;

3 - stressful conditions*;

4 - illnesses of the throat and larynx*;

5 - illnesses of the cardiovascular system*;

6 - illnesses of respiratory organs*;

7 - illnesses of endocrine system*, illnesses of digestive organs*;

8 - illnesses of musculoskeletal system and connective tissue*;

9 - illnesses of urinogenetals system*;

10 - illnesses of skin and subcutaneous fat*;

11 - operating mode on BAP*;

*- these modes are for use only by specialists or by the appointment of medical specialists.

The presented list does not limit indications for use the apparatus, but each particular case should be preceded by consultation by an attending physician to determine the final diagnosis and exclude individual contraindications. At the difficult diagnosis the initial course of treatment demands obligatory control and/or specialist participation.

The apparatus “AK TOM” includes standard АА LR06 batteries.

Battery capacity is sufficient for approximately 3 month of everyday use.

IT IS CATEGORICALLY FORBIDDEN use salt batteries as the power supply elements (marked R06).

If the apparatus is not intended to be used for a long time, remove the batteries from the battery compartment.

Технические характеристики

  • Density of the output power flow for EHF oscillators (№1—3) should be at least 5x10-10 Watt/cm2.
  • The frequency of radiation impulses is in the range of 0,1—20 Hz.
  • There are two channels to connect the oscillators to the apparatus.
  • Power supply consists of 2 АА, LR06-type batteries.
  • Overall apparatus dimensions do not exceed 90 × 190 × 70 mm.
  • The weight of the unpacked apparatus with oscillators is not more than 400 g.



  • The apparatus is a source of weak non-ionizing radiation.
  • Power requirement of the apparatus is ≤ 500 mW.

Показания к применению

  • Mouth- and throat problem
  • Heart- and vascular problems
  • Respiratory organs
  • Stomach and intestine problems
  • Arms and legs problems
  • Sexual organs
  • Skin problems
  • Immune defense


Contraindications of the use are:

  • undetermined diagnisis;
  • individual intolerance to this type of therapy;
  • pregnancy;
  • presence of implanted devices with autonomous power supply, such as a pacemaker and the like.


Apparatus AK TOM - 1

Passport, Exploitation’s manual - 1

Oscillator Yellow (NOISE) - 2

Cable USB 2.0, AM/mini B 5P  - 2

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